Exposed Roofing

Walking into a room with exposed rafters, immediately makes you feel like the room is much larger than it actually is which adds to the perceived value and luxury of the room,

The exposed rafter roof design assists in creating an aura of contemporary styling in a room, which isn’t only pleasurable to look at, but also increases the value of your property.

Specialised roofing allows you to release your creative side, and if you need a little assistance, we’ll be there along the way to offer advice and suggestions. We are happy to get involved from the outline stages or at delicate stages, whichever suits the customer’s needs.

We provide the following materials, which are specialised to provide you with exceptional craftsmanship, turning your roof structure into a masterpiece. The exposed roof trusses are installed in accordance with the engineering standards and an A19 engineer certificate.


Spruce is imported from Europe and is sourced from a sustainable forest. The colours in spruce range from a creamy white to a light yellow. This material is used for exposed roofing and it can be given a clear coat or it can be stained with a colour of your choice.

Laminated Beams

Laminated beams is a high-strength engineered wood product made from veneers boned together under heat and pressure. This wood is used mainly for beams, rafters and can also be used for roof trusses, creating a strong visual impact. Once installed, you can leave it as is, or you can create a finishing touch with oil – stained or painted.


Meranti is a dark red wood which can be finished with any kind of stain – creating a smooth and attractive surface. Meranti holds paint well too and can be used for exposed roofing and pergolas.


Oak is durable, heavy and can be found in a light colour and even in a red or brown oak. This woof has many prominent rings that give it a strong grain and course textured look and feel. Oak can be used in exponentially different ways.


Pine can be used for purins, trusses, wall plates and facia boards – depending on the type used.

There are many different variables to consider before choosing the right product for your roof. There are a range of roofing materials accessible to you, each with different qualities. You need to make a decision by considering the following:

  • Your budget
  • How long you’d like the wood to last
  • The style you prefer most

Each of these products has its own set of pro and cons, all of which be considered carefully before deciding which product you wish to use for your roof. Selecting the correct roofing materials for your home won't not be the most exciting way to invest your energy yet at some point or another you'll require another rooftop. That is the reason it's critical to understand what you're getting into (or under) so you can so that you can maximise the return on your investment.

What you essentially need to know is that there are a range of roofing material decisions accessible to you, each with their own particular qualities. The critical point here is that these alternatives permit you to tailor your decision in light of what component is most imperative to you, be it spending plan, life span, style or a mix of each of the three.

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