Frequently Asked Questions

1What makes an exposed roof better than a flat ceiling roof?

A flat ceiling roof make a room feel smaller, while an exposed roof adds more space and height into a room.

When walking into a room with exposed rafters, you’ll immediately feel like the room is larger than it actually is, which adds to the perceived value and luxury of the room.

2What is the best roof covering to use?

From classic materials like slate and wood to more artificial items like black-top, sheet metal and plastic polymers – there is more variety available today than ever before.

Each different material has its own focal points and deficiencies, and they can all play a part in adding unmistakable components into your home. Its just a matter of deciding which one will be best for you.

There are many variable to consider while selecting a rooftop, like:

  • To what extent will it last?
  • Does it hold up amid regular debacles, for example, out of control fires or storms?
  • Does the rooftop have enough slant?
  • Will the look supplement the style of the house?
  • Are the materials eco-accomodating and recyclable?
  • Is the chosen material permitted by nearby construction regulations?
  • What amount does it cost?
3Won’t a steel roof be hot?
Not at all. In summer, a lightweight steel roof causes less heat to be radiated into your home because it cools down faster at night. While in winter, the same steel roof, properly insulated, assists in keeping the heat inside. This can result in reduced cooling and heating costs.
4Are steel roofs noisy in the rain?

Many individuals appreciate the sound of rain falling on their steel rooftop. For individuals who prefer a more subdued sound, rain clamour can be lessened if a thwart and glass fibre cover is utilised as the protection material.

This thwart and glass fiber protection cover introduced between the rooftop outline and the rooftop sheeting and it performs a dual function. It keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter and it additionally serves the purpose of a sound stifling gadget.

5How do I maintain my roof covering / sheeting?

In general, do a rooftop examination twice per year, preferably once in Spring and once in Autumn. In the event that you can only do it once a year, ensure that you’re doing it before Winter. Check your rooftop sheeting or tiles routinely and access screws on asbestors sort and iron rooftops as they are inclined to release after some time.

Free sheeting and broken tiles can be a huge risk in stormy and unpredictable weather. Use sturdy materials according to your climate.
6Will plaster affect my Chromodek?
Chromodek is not suggested for inundation in wet bond, as fast consumption and corruption to the compound structure may occur.
7Do you provide a written quote?

Yes, we provide you with a written quote which is valid for a certain amount of time. Our assessing division offers the administration of evaluation arrangements at delicate stages with a dependable follow-up administration of on location measuring on fruition of the rooftop structure.

This has the advantage of removing wastage and decreasing expenses. We additionally offer a far reaching and expert consultancy benefit.

We offer this evaluating administration at the accompanying stages:
  • Off-plan
  • On-site, which incorporates physically measuring the rooftop range, and in addition providing specialised exhortation.
8My roof leaks, do I need to replace it?

A rooftop hole is never a pleasant thing to experience. A break is an indication of something that needs to be tended to instantly. However, a rooftop spill doesn’t always mean that it should be totally supplanted.

You will initially need to get your rooftop reviewed and repaired as soon as possible.
9How long does it takes to replace my roof?
Every roof is different and we cannot always say how long it will take upfront. We will ensure that we secure your roof, so that you will not have any water damage while work is being done.
10When is the best time to put on a new roof?
We prefer to do your roof in the Summer months as it is more difficult to predict good weather in Winter.
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