A pergola is often the ideal solution to create an outdoor space with that combines the best of indoors and outdoors…

Pergolas are an excellent way to add shade, privacy or create a transitional area, which maintaining a sense of openness. If you would like to keep away rain or wind, you can easily add on a roof sheets, which can be positioned to manipulate heat and light. Traditionally, pergolas were outlined as a backdrop for climbing plats, especially ones that required supporting columns for calculated beams.

The structure of the pergola itself may be commonly aggravated starting with timber (best rated for open air use), aluminium or steel. The roof of the pergola will generally be made using colorbond, zincalume, thatch, polycarbonate, shade cloth, calculated battens or plants.

Pergolas are generally rectangular, square, hexagonal or octagonal shaped. A nice pergola and patio space can create a calm and social space for years to come.
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